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ISOPHOS is a specialized chemical innovation technologies company based in Crete with high expertise in: • Consulting, "know how" • Transfer of technology (from labs to market) • Developing of innovative technologies • Developing of prototype production lines • Developing of innovative products • Developing of novel photocatalytic technology.


We develop and produce high tech, environmentally friendly  materials for companies to give them a unique competitive advantage.


We work with SMEs, Universities and Research Centers in all over Europe in order to design and produce materials with the highest standars in the market.


We have the expertise to help our customers to deliver new functionalities to their products and assist them in moving to the new markets globally.


We provide high quality services to companies and help them interconnect with other partners and make their products even more competitive.

Our process

Highly optimized performance


Add value to the products and services offered by extensive Research and Development.


Innovations that will make companies more competitive in international level.


Development and production of high tech, environmentally friendly  materials.


Deliver products with value-added functionalities assisting them to invade into new markets.


“ISOPHOS - Innovation Technologies”


ISOPHOS provides high quality innovative products and services. We provide the expertise needed to assist our collaborating business partners, to deliver value-added functionalities to their products helping them to get into new world markets.


“ISOPHOS - Innovation Technologies”


ISOPHOS has successfully realized the design and synthesis of innovative photocatalytic materials activated using visible light (interior light) suitable to be incorporated either into concrete surfaces or as coatings (walls, floors) for indoor applications or for external uses (sidewalks, landscaping of buildings).

What is Photocatalysis?

Photocatalysts (photocatalytic powders)

Photocatalysis is natural phenomenon similar to photosynthesis, whereby a substrate called photocatalyst. Chlorophyll of plants is a type of photocatalyst. Photocatalysis compared to photosynthesis, in which chlorophyll captures sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose, photocatalysis creates strong oxidation agents to converting any organic matter to carbon dioxide and water in the presence of photocatalyst, light, water and air oxygen. The principle of photocatalytic reaction was to accelerate the nature’s cleaning and purifying process using light as energy.

Photocatalyst activated under natural or artificial light and generate very reactive molecules (called free radicals) which are then able to break down noxious organic and inorganic pollutants into absolutely harmless compounds.

The most extensively used photocatalyst is titanium dioxide. The titanium dioxide, inert compound used as a pigment in paintings and cosmetics, indeed remains the raw material chosen by most of the manufacturers. It takes part in the reaction of oxidation‐reduction but it is not consumed. As long as it has been in touch with the light and the pollutants, this raw material remains stable and effective. Thus, the particles of dioxide of titanium act for a very long time. The surface of the catalyst must be the largest possible to facilitate the absorption of photons. Thus, the speed in which the reactions take place depends on the intensity of the light, on the quantity of dioxide of titanium used, on the contact area, on the duration of contact between the TiO2 and the present polluting molecules. Over the last few years, several efforts have been made to develop efficient visible light sensitive photocatalyst. 







Health Care


“Air purification”

“Smell elimination”

“The self‐cleaning coverings (glazing, ground, wall, roof)”

“The protection of urban environment, in particular in the road domain and the Buildings”

“The limitation of the bacterial proliferation in a hospital or medical environment”

“The purification and cleaning of the water”

“The discoloration of colored aqueous effluents coming from the textile industries”

“The human and animal health”

ISOPHOS Photocatalysts

Design of Novel and Innovative Materials

The novelty of the photocatalytic materials lies on the degradation of indoor pollutants using Visible Light (Vis) as opposed to the existing products on the market which operate by the use of ultraviolet radiation. These products are manufactured through chemical processes and display a range of surface morphologies and particle size distributions. TCM-1 Photocatalytic TiO2 in powder form can be suitably formulated and incorporated into exterior coatings, building and construction materials and transportation infrastructure products for roads, pavings and noise barriers.

ISOPHOS Innovation Technologies has experience in the formulation, testing and production of these materials containing photocatalytic powders as the active ingredient. Photocatalytic functionality as described above is also be beneficial in many other applications such as plastics, textiles, roof tiles, etc.

With ISOPhos photocatalytic series materials, the products produces will be able to utilise the energy of sunlight or artificial light and achieve Air de-pollution (outdoor and indoor), including de-NOx, benzene decomposition etc, and Waste Water cleaning (degradation of textiles, phenols etc)

The competitive advance of the ISOPhos materials is that it will help the products produced by the companies to even performs on exposure to artificial interior lighting when other similar products work only with sunlight. The benefits are:

Organic airborne substances such as tobacco and cooking odours are continuously degraded, leading to a verifiable marked improvement in the quality of air in indoor.

Work with artificial light as well as natural light. Competitive interior products fail to function as intended.


“ISOPHOS - Innovation Technologies”


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